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Thank You for visiting my Blog. I have divided my profile in the following sections:

Who I am
My Family
My Interests
My Career

Who I am
I am a Search Engine Optimizer from Howrah (India). I have been in my job since 2008. I love to enjoy my work. But the enjoyment comes more effectively when I go to a new field of work in my job. I love to know more about my working field.

I started my education when I was 2yrs 10mnths in a K.G school. These was the golden period of my life that I think. I had completed Secondary Education on the year 2004. After that I changed my school. I was admitted in Makardah Bamasundari Institution. It was a great period of my life. I really enjoyed my subjects very much as I was a student of Eco Science. Enjoyed the laboratory classes too much. After completion of H.S I went to do Bachelors Degree. I joined several training cources beside my college classes.

My Family
I live with my family in Howrah. My family includes my parents. My grandmother & uncle’s family live at our villege.

My Interests
I have interest in Adventure & Thrilling stories. Also I like to listen songs. There are a lot of songs that I love very much. I listen Rabindra Sangeet when I sit alone. My most fevorite Rabindra Sangeet is “Jedin Porbe Na More Payer Chinho…”.

My Career
I started my career when I was doing Bachelors Degree & was in 2nd year at the age of 18. I joined at Indusnet as a Search Engine Optimiser & working till now.


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